How the bladder works

  • bladder training.jpgThe kidneys make wee which is collected in the bladder
  • The bladder is like a balloon and stretches to hold the urine.
  • As it stretches a message is sent to our brain to say that the bladder is full
  • The brain then tells us we need to go to the toilet
  • Some children sleep through this message so when the bladder is too full, it empties causing bedwetting accidents
How the bladder works at night
  • At night, the brain produces a chemical called vasopressin.
  • This is a special hormone that tells the kidneys to make smaller, more concentrated amounts of urine so we can sleep longer without having to wake for a wee.
  • Some children do not produce enough vasopressin so the kidneys keep producing large amounts of urine which can lead to bedwetting.
Bowels and Bladder

How often your child has a poo can have an effect on the bladder. A full bowel can press against your child’s bladder making them feel like they need a wee or stopping them from holding as much wee as usual.
You should suspect constipation if your child is;

  • passing a large and/or hard poo
  • having dark watery poos
  • going for a poo less than 4 times a week
  • finding it difficult to poo
  • having poo leaking in their pants

Page last updated on: 31st March 2023